FKK is an international rubber and elastomer finished products manufacturer group exporting to many countries in five continents. The group manufactures products from SMR, NBR, EPDM, Vulkollan®, Polyurethane, Polyamide, some other elastomers and its production operations consist of injection molding, extrusion molding, casting molding and compression molding. The served markets are automotive, mining, textile, construction, petroleum, earthmoving machinery and marine industries. The group is unique in the means of being first quality certificated, first exporting company of its sector in Turkey and having the most advanced laboratory in its region. According to the market research, FKK is considered to be leader of its sector in Turkish market and has a well known brand name in overseas markets.
FKK made an agreement with Bayer company to produce Vulkollan® products as sole producer in Turkey in 1979.

For the first eight years of its establishment, the company has started with manufacture of rubber made shoes and afterwards continue with the production of rubber and plastic parts made of rubber, plastic, thermoplastic, high-performance polyurethane and Vulkollan® since 1965 for the automotive industry, 1973 for the construction industry, 1979 for the petroleum industry, 1979 for the textile industry, 1980 for the mining industry, 1993 for the home appliances industry and other industrial sectors.

The latest technology laboratory is in service in our company through our philosophy of ''Excellence, Quality and Control.''